Many thanks to those of you who donated to our campaign. We reached 71% of our goal and because of your generosity, we will be able to apply for non-profit status and incorporate. This is such a big step for us and will allow us to implement our educational and outreach goals. We are truly grateful for your support!

Anonymous | aconnerg3 | Adam Newman | Aletha Moore | Alison Clemens

Amanda Pellerin | Andrea Jackson | Aprille C McKay | Blanche Chase | Blynne Olivieri

Brandon Pieczko | Brandon Wason | Brenda Gunn | Caitlin Reeves | CARRIE HINTZ

Christina Zamon | Christine Adolph | Ciaran Trace | Crystal Rodgers | Daniel L Alonzo

Daria Labinsky | David Messier | Deborah Gurt | Deborah Torres | Derek T. Mosley

Ellen C. Walker Show |Emily Halevy | Erin Lawrimore |Eugenia Beh | Felicia D. Render

Gabrielle M. Dudley | Gayle O’Hara | Giordana Mecagni | Gregory Whitmore

Hannah M Rosen | Heather Oswald |Holly A Smith | Jeanie Child | Jennifer Coggins

Jennifer Meehan | Jessica Hornbuckle | JoyEllen Freeman | Kaetrena Kendrick

Karen Jefferson Kat Tuggey | Kate Orazem | Katherine Fisher| Katie Salzmann

Kathleen Roe | Kate Crowe | Kelly Pepper | Kristy Sorensen | Leiza McKenna

Liz C Phillips | Lynn Prime |Madeline Sheldon |Mary Dudziak | Mandy Mastrovita

megan.mcshea | Michelle Schabowski |Molly Hults | Nicole Pawelski

Oscar Gittemeier |Pam Hopkins | pleers | Rachel E. Winston | Rebecca Pattillo

Retina Burton | S.D. Booth | Samantha Abrams | Sarah Kirkley | Sarah Quigley

Shaneé Murrain | shannonhartman.sf | Sheila McAlister | Sony Prosper

Stacie Deaton | Stephanie Bennett | Tamika Strong | Tanya Zanish-Belcher

Tatiana Bryant | terry baxter | Valerie Boyd | Virginia Ferris | Wendy Hagenmaier

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